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Despite the many challenges faced by families today that discourage optimal health, it is our goal to improve access to effective nutrition & health education resources. Barbara is a creative problem-solver and strives to experiment with both traditional and non-traditional venues to provide nutrition education.

Using Your Health Insurance Benefits

As a courtesy, we submit insurance claims on behalf of our clients, however, this does not guarantee payment. We are in-network providers for some health plans that credential Registered Dietitian (R.D.) services. This does NOT guarantee coverage or payment. Each client is responsible for understanding the guidelines for reimbursement of their health plan. Clients are responsible for obtaining any authorization(s) and/or pre-certifications (referrals) necessary to ensure coverage. Please make sure to double-check coverage for nutrition counseling services. 

Ask these questions when calling your health plan:

  1. Is nutrition counseling a covered benefit under my plan?
  2. Do I need to see an in-network provider for nutrition counseling? Is Neighborhood Nutrition (or Barbara Ruhs) a credentialed provider for this plan?
  3. If yes, do I need a referral or pre-authorization in order for nutrition counseling to be covered?
  4. Do I have a co-payment at the time of the visit? If so, how much?

In the event that coverage (payment) is denied, you will receive a bill for services and we expect payment within 14-business days before we send to collections.


Copayments are listed on your health insurance card. If you are unsure of your copayment amount, contact your health insurance provider. Under most circumstances, Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) counseling visits are considered a “medical office visit.”

Copayments are due at the beginning of each session. You may pay copayments in advance for 1-month if you desire. We accept cash, personal checks.

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Out of Pocket Payments

Fees are based on a 60-minute initial appointment and 45-minute follow-up appointments. There is an additional 15-minutes built into each session to cover time for scheduling, care coordination and billing. Upon request, Neighborhood Nutrition can provide an invoice to clients to submit to a health plan that we do not accept.

ALL Out-of-pocket payments and co-payments are due in-full at the beginning of each session. There are NO exceptions. Patients who do not have their payment at the time of the visit will be rescheduled for a future appointment time/date. You will be responsible for a cancellation fee. Neighborhood Nutrition can arrange payment plans for visits to be paid in advance. As a private-practice group, we cannot bill patients after services are rendered.


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